Scaffolding / Stand

Due to our unique scaffolding elements we are able to construct not only stages and concert roofs, but also other smaller sized structures:

Stands, bridges, structures holding lighting, loudspeaker installations,audio-mixers, stands for the theatre and film sets
and other unique solutions

The advantage of the scaffolding system is that it can be built quickly, there is a possibility for large sizes and heavy duty capacity, it can be customized to the required form (in case of combined functions) and the surface is easy to decorate.

FOH mixers

Mixer I. 4x4m – 1 floor

Mixer I. 4x4m - 1 szintes

Mixer II. 4x6m – 1,5 floors

Mixer I. 4x4m - 1 szintes

Mixer III. 4x6m – 2 floors,
with follow spot stages

bbstage_Mixer II. 4x6m - 1,5 szintes

Mixer IV. 6x6m – 1,5 floors

bbstage_Mixer III. 4x6m - 2 szintes, fejgépállással

Mixer V. 6x6m – 2 floors,
with follow spot stage

bbstage_Mixer V. 6x6m - 2 szintes, fejgépállással

Mixer VI. 6x8m – 1,5 floors

bbstage_Mixer VI. 6x8m - 1,5 szintes


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